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February 15, 2021


Literally a week before lockdown happened, I was lucky enough to be invited to visit Lovely By Skin Institute’s Albany location to try a treatment I had heard raves about. Called Ulfit, it’s a procedure that has been applauded all round for its effectiveness, minimal downtime and almost instantly noticeable effects. Ulfit tightening and contouring is available for the tum area as well as the face and neck, but I was there to address my neck and upper décolletage, both of which most definitely show their age due to a combo of sun exposure when I was young and just a general lack of fat in both areas.

Nicknamed the ‘lunchtime lift’ for its ease and taking about an hour and a half for the full face, it works to tighten, contour and lift using skin tightening and lifting technology. This technology stimulates the skin’s natural regenerative process while also lifting the deep muscle layer beneath it called the SMAS—the area surgeons work on when performing surgical facelifts. Results typically develop as collagen production increases in the 6-12 weeks post-treatment, and it has been said that a tighter, more contoured appearance generally lasts from 12 to 18 months, and possibly longer. Sound like you? It definitely sounded like me, so I was beyond intrigued when I showed up for my session.

Skin Institute opened the Lovely By Skin Institute brand over a year ago as a less expensive, more accessible version of the incredible offering that they have long been associated with. Lovely is where you’ll find everything from laser hair removal to microdermabrasion and peels, cosmetic injectables and fat-reduction treatments – but they are performed at Lovely by registered nurses and highly trained therapists. I was hugely impressed by their professionalism and willingness to share knowledge from the moment I walked through the door, and felt totally at ease from the get go.

So how does Ulfit work exactly? Basically, a hand-held ultrasound device is passed slowly and gently over the treatment area while transmitting high-intensity, focused ultrasound energy. The main idea is to generate a heat point of up to 75 degrees celsius, deep in the skin’s subcutaneous fat layers. Localised tissue damage is what you’re aiming for, which then speeds up the body’s wound healing reaction up collagen to quickly be regenerated. I won’t lie – it wasn’t the most comfortable treatment, but considering that not a needle was in sight makes it the perfect choice if you’re looking to investment is some tweakments here and there but are shy of the aforementioned little pointy guys. I saw results pretty much immediately, and they still continue to this day. I had a little redness straight after and tenderness for a few days following, but nothing like anything more invasive. This means Ulfit will definitely appeal to a lot of people who perhaps haven’t tried anything like that before, and comes highly recommended to all by me.

A follow up appointment in six to twelve weeks is recommended for maximum results, which because of lockdown I haven’t been able to do. I have loved the subtle change that has definitely been obvious to me, and I think it’s definitely a great treatment if you want to address sun damage over winter or have an event coming up that you’d like to feel a little fresher for.

To find out if Ulfit is right for you, head over to the Lovely website or book into a location near you – post-lockdown this could be just the boost you’re looking for.

Main image: by Catherine on Unsplash

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