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February 15, 2021

Channel Magazine – Lovely new option for your skin

Lovely by Skin Institute has just opened the third of its flagship retail stores – and the first on the North Shore, with its foray into Westfield Albany – with stores also in Lynnmall and Westfield Manukau. 

Lovely by Skin Institute offers customers a wide array of appearance medicine treatments, using superior technology, within a more convenient and affordable way. This is a move by parent company Skin Institute, bringing appearance treatments into mainstream mall locations, meeting customers where they are, following global trends designed to create more affordable and accessible options for skin and body love.

Lovely by Skin Institute are your new Skin & Body experts, brought to you by New Zealand’s leading skin health brand – Skin Institute. The team at Lovely are here to help you make the most of your natural beauty, so you can look good and feel good every single day. The stores offer treatments you want, using superior technology, at affordable prices. Think playful, joyful confidence; trusting the experts, knowing this works, looking in the mirror and loving what you see.

Lovely by Skin Institute has a broad range of services from:

  • laser hair removal – a quick and effective treatment using a medical grade laser to permanently reduce hair growth
  • microdermabrasion – a treatment that brightens dull and lifeless skin by exfoliating the skin removing layers of dead skin cells, allowing new healthy skin to shine through leaving it feeling smooth, hydrated and rejuvenated
  • anti-wrinkle – an injectable treatment that relaxes the muscle, causing it to no longer contract enough to cause wrinkles
  • fillers – a fast procedure that volumises, plumps, and defines facial features by utilising naturally occurring hyaluronic acid to volumize areas of the face.

There are also are many other treatments, like peels and advanced skin rejuvenation treatments and packages.

Lovely by Skin Institute also offers a number of unique treatments within its menu:

  • Ulfit is an advanced therapeutic non-surgical face lift that delivers noticeable changes to the skin’s firmness and tightness, using the benefit of ultrasound waves. Ulfit customers enjoy the tightening and lifting of their foreheads, eye area, cheeks, jowls, wrinkles and double chins. In just one to two treatments, customers can see dramatic results.
  • Cooltech™ is considered one of the world’s most advanced systems for freezing fat and body sculpting. In a treatment that is just a little over an hour, Cooltech targets stubborn pockets of fat from tummies, pesky muffin-top, love handles, back fat, under-arm wings, thighs, buttocks, and even chins. With no down-time afterwards, one treatment can permanently reduce one pocket of fat by as much as 30 per cent. Results can be seen from two weeks post-treatment, with fully streamlined results visible at eight weeks. Perfect for those stubborn fat pockets!

Lovely by Skin Institute is a new addition to the Skin Institute family.  While Skin Institute clinics continue to offer premium and bespoke multi-disciplinary medical specialist services across skin, veins and appearance medicine, Lovely by Skin Institute is perfect for customers looking to benefit from appearance medicine treatments in a convenient and affordable way. And because Lovely by Skin Institute is part of the Skin Institute family, the team is highly trained with all services overseen by medical doctors – so customers don’t have to worry about a thing. Just simply make the time to be your best – and loveliest – self.

Lovely by Skin Institute has all the services you would expect, and with the lovely difference… book your appointment today at

Lovely by Skin Institute, Shop 226a Westfield Albany

219 Don McKinnon Drive, Albany  09 281 2792

Open 9am-6pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat; 9am-9pm Thur/ Fri; 10am-5.30pm Sun.

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