Stubborn pockets of fat

Secret stubborn fat?

Here’s the truth: Even slim people have stubborn pockets of fat: bumpy thighs, lumpy buttocks or ‘bat-wing’ triceps to name a few problem areas.

The fact is that we are born into this world with a set amount of fat cells and that never changes - even when we pile on weight after a nasty break-up, or slim down for a major milestone or happy event.

The fluctuations we see in our bodies are – amazingly - caused by our fat cells expanding or decreasing in size. All this depends on how much we are eating and drinking, and how much ‘storage’ they’re needing to do as a result.

When we lose weight – usually by eating less and moving more - our body burns the fat we’ve stored to provide it with the energy it needs to survive. Sadly, the body isn’t overly picky about where it takes it fat from, so we can end up with stubborn pockets of fat in the least desirable places!
The team at Lovely by Skin Institute has searched the globe for the best options in non-invasive spot fat reduction. We are now using the revolutionary Cooltech™ fat reduction system which reduces the overall size of each fat cell, making us appear slimmer and smoothing the skin’s appearance.

Pop in today to see how fat freezing can transform your secret stubborn areas.

Welcome to your world of more beautiful skin.

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