September 23, 2021

Spring/Summer skin tips & why SPF is your best friend

As the end of 2021 approaches, we thought we would share some skin tips and reminders to feel confident moving forward into the summer months with your best skin.

We all know we should be wearing sunblock everyday. This becomes incredibly important from springtime onwards: late spring and early summer is when the ultra violet rays are at their greatest. There are two UV rays we need to consider called UVA and UVB. UVA rays are associated with skin ageing, think fine lines and wrinkles. These rays can penetrate through glass and 95% of the total ultra violet rays that hit the earth are UVA. UVB rays are associated with sunburn, however we also need to think about DNA damage that causes most skin cancers.

So when we think about future proofing our skin we need to protect ourselves from both of these ultraviolet rays. Broad spectrum sunblock everyday is a must in our skincare routines.

Lovely by skin institute’s sun protection range is perfect for summer, featuring an overall sun protection SPF30 for the body as well as SPF30 for your face, all are non greasy and also give full coverage protection. The facial options even comes in tinted and non-tinted options which make reapplying easy during the day.

As we move into the hot summer months breakouts and congestion tend to increase due to humid weather creating more sweat and oil on the skin. When the skin is exposed to the sun it goes through a process called the keratolutic effect, this is where the natural exfoliation process slows down for protection. Dead skin starts to build up and clog pores, when we factor in the sweat mixed with oil, dirt and bacteria. This all leads to congested skin, blocked pores and breakouts.

To counteract this we need to look at treatments that help to decongest the skin. Deep exfoliation treatments help to aid in removing dead skin build up. When older skin cells are removed it means we are able to better penetrate our skin with our skincare afterwards without a barrier in the way.

Summer time is the perfect time for a microdermabrasion with a mask. The microdermabrasion machine uses vacuum suction and a diamond tip to pull up dead skin cells and impurities in the skin. Then we apply a hydrating mask to plump up and rehydrate the skin. You can feel the difference straight away after a microdermabrasion treatment, the skin is softer and has a glow with fresh skin.

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