Appearance Medicine Nurse - Registered Nurse
Briar loves being able to help clients feel happier and more confident about themselves through appearance medicine. Coming from a background in emergency nursing she found a passion for appearance medicine as it allowed her to combine both my nursing knowledge and artistry skills together in an area that is close to her heart having personally had many reconstructive facial surgeries. Helping to boost a person’s self-esteem through appearance medicine nursing as well as the continuous growth and development of the industry is very rewarding and exciting! Her favorite areas to treat are antiwrinkle injections and fillers, especially the lip filler. She loves the treatment philosophy that everyone deserves to look and feel fantastic! Her goal is to find out how best to help each individual client achieve this so they can feel happy and confident in themselves. Her one piece of skincare advice is eye cream! Such an important product that can make such a big difference to the under-eye area.

Briar loves working in this area as she loves helping people feel and look great! The skills and knowledge involved in the role. The exciting changes and developments in the industry as it grows. The great people we get to work with and alongside. A fun fact about Briar is that she is a qualified ski instructor and was for sponsored freeride snow skiing, competing at international Big Mountain events such as The World Heli Challenge. She no longer competes but still feature in media adverts for skiing.