Advanced Skin Therapist -
Courtney was inspired to join the beauty industry from her own experience with less than ideal skin. She wanted to learn how to help herself and others. Her areas of specialty are microdermabrasion, peels, and laser hair removal. Courtney's treatment philosophy is to find out what the customer wants to achieve and then with as a team she plans how she can get those results for the customer. She loves getting results and seeing progress is extremely rewarding. Like all of our Lovely team, Courtney's skin care advice is to wear sunblock - use an independent, broad-spectrum SPF every day no matter the whether conditions, living in New Zealand, the most common concern she sees is pigmentation from sun exposure. Courtney loves being in an industry that empowers people to feel good and believes that when you feel your best about your physical appearance, you gain the confidence to live your best life.

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