Beauty Therapist -
Hazel believes 'The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. Everyone is beautiful, I just want to help them see it by enhancing what they already have.' She loves helping people look and feel amazing. Hazel has her level 3 certificate in makeup artistry and skincare.

'As someone who had bad skin growing up, I remember how much of a big problem it seemed. When I finally went to see a beautician, it felt like they genuinely cared about me and my skin concerns. They made what seemed like a big problem a small one by giving me the treatment and products needed to achieve healthy skin. I want to help people achieve their best selves and their confidence.'

Hazel says you must invest in your skin and is a strong believer of confidence breeds beauty. The most common skin concern Hazel sees is Melasma (hormonal pigmentation) and acne/acne scarring.

Quirky fact: Hazel loves the outdoors and going for walks. 'Nothing helps you to feel better than breathing fresh air'