Front Desk Manager -
Jess was inspired to join the beauty industry as having done hair and make up artistry, she had a passion for all things beauty! Alongside her love of organisation and customer service, it was a perfect fit. Jess loves being a front desk manager as she loves providing the first and last impression to clients and find this so important, she takes pride in creating an unforgettable experience for every person who walks in. Jess's one piece of skincare advice is that it's not about how much you use, it's about what you use - it's so important to educate yourself on the products that are best for your skin. A quote that she loves to live by and thinks everyone should is "Invest in yourself, make time for yourself, it's yours for life!"

Jess loves working in this industry as she loves being able to empower people to love their natural beauty and loves to be involved in each person's process and make sure no one walks out unhappy. Something you may not know about Jess is that she is an avid tennis player! Her whole family played growing up, as soon as she could walk she had a racquet!