Skin Technical Trainer -
Kole (Nicole) chose beauty therapy as her career as she wanted to be in a world where she could make an impact on other's lives through feeling fantastic. The beauty therapy diploma was just the beginning of her amazing career to being a small part of improving other's lives. Kole has a passion for uncovering her customer's “Why”. Once she is on the same path as her customer she loves to tailor a bespoke journey to reach the optimum results that the customer is seeking. If Kole was to pick one area we deal with that she loves, it would be skin and retail journeys both in-store and at home. Educating customers in using the right ingredients at home is something Kole finds very important.

Kole's treatment philosophy is that she likes to build a trusting environment, where everything is transparent, clear, professional, and personalized. Each customer is treated as an individual with their own specific needs where she can be that small part to help them along the way. When we trust each other we grow together. If there was only one piece of skincare advice Kole could give, it would be to allow yourself to trust the process of your chosen professional… we are here for you and only want to help.

Kole's favourite part of her job is having the ability to educate her clients. As well as this she loves her amazing customers and her fabulous team at Lovely by skin institute. A fun fact about Kole is that she seems to win a lot of competitions! She's won a motorbike and a trip to San Fransisco, as well as a cruise on a cruise ship after winning a singing competition.

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