Regional Operations Manager -
Sarah began her journey as a beauty therapist and then naturally progressed into management roles. She was lucky enough to be able to combine her two passions into one role. She love creating the best environment for both her team and the customers. Sarah loves being a manager as she loves creating long-lasting relationships with her team and receiving all the positive feedback from happy customers about the work her team has done. Her one piece of skincare advice is 'Botox with a touch of filler :P'. Sarah thinks everyone should live by the quote that goes "Be somebody who makes everyone feel like a somebody" - she find this so powerful.

Sarah loves coming to work every day to work among a group of people who all feel the same way towards this industry as she does - passionate about the beauty industry. Sarah loves what she does and loves how it makes others feel about themselves. A fun fact about Sarah is that she has the cutest miniature dachshund - he is definitely a head-turner.

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