Front Desk Coordinator -
Tayla comes from a background in retail, and has always loved customer service, and prides herself in the premium level of service she gives to each client. She has over 6 years of retail/customer service experience and a small background in makeup. Tayla has always had an interest in the world of cosmetic treatments and advanced skincare, so she is truly passionate about what we provide at Lovely. Tayla says, no matter who you are or where you come from, you’re always welcome at our Lovely clinics. Tayla loves being apart of a team that provides a service that allows our clients to feel empowered and confident!! Each one of the team here becomes part of the journey and she loves the feeling of knowing that she has taken part in a client’s journey to deeper self-love.

Tayla's skincare advice is getting yourself good skincare that is tailored to your own skin type is a must! She says, getting an Observ is the best thing she has done for her skin! She describes it gives you an in-depth understanding of your unique skin and allows you to really grasp what products are going to work to give you the results you are after. You do not need 100 products to achieve results! Your skin will thank you! A fun fact about Tayla is that she loves to bake, especially anything sweet!

Welcome to your world of more beautiful skin.

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