Store Lead - Advanced Skin Therapist -
Taylah was inspired to join the beauty industry as she personally struggled with problematic skin in the past - and she knows first hand how difficult it can be! Taylah believes it is important to look and feel confident in your own skin and she is so passionate about the journey she takes with her clients to reach that level. Taylah believes that a regular, consistent at-home skin routine is the best foundation for any treatment and compliments our Lovely treatments so well. The most common skin concern Taylah see's and treats is hormonal breakouts/acne and pigmentation! Taylah absolutely loves helping people work on these concerns.

The best part of working in this job for Taylah is seeing the clients grow more and more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Fun fact about Taylah is when she is not in the clinic you will catch her watching YouTube videos for hours on end or indulging in many of the beautiful restaurants down in the Auckland viaduct!

Welcome to your world of more beautiful skin.

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