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A technition applying Microdermabrasion.
Brighten up, sunshine!

Perfect for dull, lifeless skin, a microdermabrasion exfoliates and removes superficial dry skin cells allowing for healthy skin to shine through leaving skin feeling smooth, hydrated and rejuvenated.

Microdermabrasion being applied to the chin.
Let your skin glow.

We use the latest microdermabrasion equipment to gently exfoliate and remove superficial dry skin cells allowing for healthy skin to shine through leaving skin feeling smooth, hydrated, rejuvenated and glowing.

My skin never felt smoother!


Treatment Single Prepay 3
Cleansing $99 $79 ea
Advanced with mask $129 $109 ea
Add-on neck & décollatage $69 $59 ea
LED Light Therapy $49
“All the winter dryness is gone - my skin feels great, I'd do this again!”
- Mel
Microdermabrasion FAQs
What is a Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation of the surface layer of dead skin using diamond heads which can be adjusted to suit individuals' skin types.

What are the benefits of microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion assists in evening up skin tone, unclogging pores, helps surface pigmentation temporarily look brighter and leaves skin feeling smooth & glowing. Our bodies naturally shed skin, however as we get older the shedding process slows down, microdermabrasion will help to keep the skin naturally turning over at a healthier rate.

What types of microdermabrasion treatments do you have?

We offer 3 types of microdermabrasion.
Express - a quick deep clean of the skin, great for those who are time poor.
Cleansing - For a deeper clean
Advanced with mask - which is a cleansing microdermabrasion with the addition of a specialised hydrating mask designed to penetrate into the skin, providing a deep level of hydration and anti ageing benefits.

A Microdermabrasion Add on treatment can be added to another treatments at the same time.

Does microdermabrasion hurt?

The treatment does not hurt, it can feel a little scratchy, with a low level suction lifting the skin. Most people find the treatment very relaxing. The suction strength and diamond head will be adjusted depending on the individuals skin.

How often should I get a microdermabrasion done?

We suggest for good skin health to have a microdermabrasion monthly, or in conjunction with other treatments.

Pre and Post Microdermabrasion Treatment
PRIOR to Microdermabrasion Treatment

  • Let your therapist know of any changes in your medical history, medications and/ or supplements
  • Do not have treatments that may irritate the skin for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment (waxing, depilatories, etc)
  • Discontinue use of products containing Vitamin A 24 hours prior to treatment
  • Discontinue use of topical prescription Vitamin A 14 days prior to treatment
  • Do not have any Anti-Wrinkle Injections in the treatments area for 2 weeks.
  • Do not have any Dermal Filler Injections in the treatment area for 4 weeks
  • History of herpes or cold sores may require an anti-viral prescription prior to treatment
  • MALES: Shave the area 24 hours prior to treatment
  • Not doing so may prevent you from having treatment in the area

POST Microdermabrasion Treatment

  • Skin may feel dry and tight. Apply your post care products as recommended by your therapist
  • If area feels very warm you may cool with cold face cloth
  • Do not pick or peel any dry/flaky skin
  • Avoid heat (hot tubs, saunas, etc.) for 24 hours
  • Do not exfoliate 3 days post treatment
  • Avoid skin irritants and actives (products containing tretinoin, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic/salicylic acids, astringents, etc.) for 72 hours post-treatment
  • Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun. Use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen of a minimum of SPF 30+ daily
  • For best results follow your home care regimen as instructed by your therapist

If you have any questions or experience any other side effects from the treatment not listed on this page, please contact us on 0800 004 525.

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