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Fat reduction with Cooltech™

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Fat reduction with Cooltech™

  • Non-surgical.
  • Typically you only need 1-3 treatments on each area.
  • One session can permanently reduce one pocket of fat by as much as 30 per cent.
  • See results from two weeks post-treatment.

Let’s face it – we all have bits of our body that just won’t follow the rules. Cooltech™ is considered by many as the world’s most advanced freezing fat system. This non-surgical treatment takes just over an hour to complete with no downtime afterwards, 1 session can permanently reduce one pocket of fat by as much as 30%. See results from 2 weeks post-treatment, with fully streamlined results visible at 12 weeks. Typically you only need 1 - 3 treatments on each area.

Does Cooltech™ work?

The procedure uses scientifically proven cryo-adipolysis technology, which has been validated in numerous clinical trials, with certified clinical predictability and maximum results. It works on the principle that fat cells and tissue are significantly more vulnerable to temperature change than other types of body tissue. More than one million patients have received Cooltech™ treatments have been performed in more than 40 countries, with an overall satisfaction rate of 95%.

What is Cooltech™?

Cooltech™ technology reduces unwanted fat with a minimum of risk or fuss. Using Cooltech’s unique applicators almost any area can be treated, including the stomach, hips, thighs, knees, upper and lower back, arms and chin. Fat freezing decreases the bulk of fat to sculpt your contours precisely, making it possible to achieve a smoother body line without surgery.

How is Cooltech™ different too other fat freezing technology?

Cooltech™ is proven European technology and is scientifically proven un-like others on the market. Cooltech does have longer treatment times however fewer treatments are required making it more affordable compared to other technology. Typically only 1 - 3 treatments are needed per area.

The Cooltech™ device complies with the European CE 0051 medical certificate, in addition to the ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 13485, a quality standard specific to medical devices.

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*Cooltech™ consultation is complimentary. Individual results may vary. This medical device must be administered by a healthcare professional.

Concerns it treats

Treatment Single price
Fat reduction consultation* Complimentary
Small treatment area - 1 cup $449
Medium treatment area - 1 cup $599
Large treatment area - 1 cup $949
Add-on Medium cup only $499
Add-on 1-2 of the following in same appointment as your Cooltech™ treatment:
Boost Peel $59
Express Microdermabrasion $49
LED Light Therapy $49
Hydrating Mask $49

First, you’ll have a cool gel pad applied to your skin to protect it during treatment. A hollow paddle is applied to the target area and then the machine works its magic: your skin and fatty tissue is sucked gently into the paddle where it is cooled comfortably to -8 degrees centigrade. The paddle literally freezes the size of your individual fat cells making them smaller, and less capable of storing future fat. Afterwards, the paddle is removed and you’ll have a frozen ‘popsicle’ of fat, which we will massage down – this is an important part of treatment as it helps the excess fat to make its way through the lymphatic system where it is drained out, leaving a very much more streamlined you.

* First time customers require an initial consultation