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Skin needling with Dermapen 4™

Think you don’t like needles? Think again.

We totally understand the phobia around needles but fortunately, we make our Dermapen 4™ skin-needling treatment so comfortable that you’ll soon agree it’s the next big thing in facial rejuvenation. The process increases collagen and elastin production and diminishes the appearance of fine lines, shallow scars and minor imperfections.

The Dermapen 4™ device that we use is an altogether superior technology due to its innovative vibrating function, speed and depth control - we literally can’t say enough good things about it. The treatment suits almost everyone, and fantastic results include reductions in scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and stretch marks as well as general facial rejuvenation.

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*Based on prepay 6. First time customers require an initial consultation
Treatment Single Price Prepay 4 Prepay 6
Face $289 $269 ea $259 ea
Face & neck $329 $309 ea $299 ea
Neck $289 $269 ea $259 ea
Decollétage $289 $269 ea $259 ea
Face & neck & decollétage $379 $359 ea $349 ea
Stomach $309 $289 ea $279 ea
Hips $309 $289 ea $339 ea
Breast $289 $269 ea $259 ea
Back $309 $289 ea $279 ea
Numbing cream - optional $49
Add-on hands $99
Add-ons in same appointment as Dermapen 4™
LED light therapy $49
Microdermabasion $49

For comfort, we will apply a topical anaesthetic to your skin, followed by an anti-aging hyaluronic acid serum. We then use the Dermapen device to create hundreds of micro channels in the skin, causing the hyaluronic acid to penetrate to the active cellular level. With Dermapen, we have total control of the depth and speed at which the micro probes penetrate, reducing risk and providing a superior and consistent result.

* First time customers require an initial consultation